Monday, March 22, 2010

The best Of Soror Nishi Opens at Treeline

Soror Nishi's retrospective 'The Best of Soror' opened yesterday at Virtual Treeline Galleries, with a bumper crowd treated to the usual awe inspiring work of this talented artist.

The exhibition is over two levels, with some of Soror's latest trees mingling with earlier works at ground level, in a profusion of colour and texture that somehow seems to come together as a whole.

In the sky galleries Soror has created a sort of visual tour of her work and the way it has developed in Second Life. A roomful of her favourite prims created in Blender demonstrates her considerable talent in making sculted forms. For those interested in the making of plants and the development of this artist's work the exhibition is a must.
I will be doing a full review of the show with more images in a later blog.

Pictured above at the opening, Isabella Alphaville, who greatly admires Soror's work and took the opportunity to add to her collection.
Below is staunch Treeline supporter Asmita Duranjaya whose costume(s) on the day blended perfectly with Soror's works.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shellina Winkler - Treeline 3 Artist

Also in the Treeline Sky gallery this month are works by Shellina Winkler. Shellina's prim paintings are 'constructed' works, built layer upon layer with prims, as she explores the potential of the medium in Second Life. She also carefully maximizes the potential of each single prim by using textures or merely colours to maximimum effect. The results are serene and sophisitcated works, seemingly simple, but sometimes complex in their construction.

As well as several 2D works on the gallery walls there is also a three dimensional abstract tree made by Shellina. It reminds us how the tree is universally and instantly recognisable - even when that symbol is abstracted and devoid of organic texture. What is it about trees that makes them such an easily recognised symbol?

Shellina is a well known and respected artist in second Life, who has works in many places, usually with her partner Solkide Auer. Her work can also be seen at:

Trill Zapatero - Treeline 3 Artist

This month one of the Treeline Sky Galleries is showing 2D work reproduced from real life paintings by Trill Zapatero.

Trill describes her paintings as travel collages or maps of journeys. Having spent part of her life in Asia, captivated by its richness and diversity, her work resonates with exuberant colours and the mix of reality, myth, fantasy and dream one finds in much of this part of the world. She says what she is looking for is some place to get to that is behind the surface, beyond the material nature of the painting and collage.

Her work is informed in part by the landscape, the flora and fauna of the places she has visited, in part by the 'happening' of the painting where images and ideas form of their own accord, and in part by inspirational material from other sources. Her works in this exhibition are all related to trees.
Trill says:
Trees are a universal symbol of growth and as such inform the organic nature of the process of my painting

You can see more of Trill's paintings on her Flickr site: