Monday, February 7, 2011

Trees Take the Cake at UWA

Organics still seem to be the order of the day at UWA with Susan Graves taking out first prize (and some others) with her work 'Chose Your Blossom' (above).
I was not sure whether Claudia222 Jewell's 'Strange Plant....Ugliness and Beauty' was a plucked chicken or a tree, but it managed to carry away a swag of prizes.

Soror Nishi's beautifully crafted Christmas Daisy Tree (below) was also amongst the winners (I've blogged about this one before).

I also took some pics of Silene Christensen's entry (below), which was also at the Art Maze. I don't think it won any prizes, but the list of prizewinners is getting so long I don't have time to read it right through. (Note to UWA: Next time please send out a list just of the prizes and winners - without extraneous text)