Monday, January 3, 2011

Trees at UWA

JayJay Zifanwe from UWA is always quick to let me know when there's a new and interesting tree at the UWA competition site. Thanks JayJay.It's great to see so many trees keep coming in this art competition.
So I popped over today to have a look at what's on offer and found Soror Nishi's Grove of Lantern Fruit Trees (below) to brighten my day.

Zola Zsun's 'Three Poodle Trees'(below) is a fun piece with sparkly diamond-like foliage and brilliant ground cover.

Cherry Manga's 'It's Raining in my Heart Like This'(below) (I think that's the title- my French is not good) is another work with humour and very well executed. I am a great lover of monotone so Cherry's work speaks to me. It rains just like that in my heart too, and sometimes all over Queensland.

There seems to be a lot of foliage around in artworks these days, as if we are all hankering for a bit of greenery. Anley Piers beautiful work 'Travel in the Shadow of Technology' is a nice bit of greenery (or monotonery)for geeks and techo nerds like me. Congratulations Anley.

And while it's not greenery or even vegetable I thought Corcosman Voom's birds deserved to be in here with the rest of the Nature works from UWA. I love almost everything Corco does and these are no exception.

So thanks for the heads-up JayJay. I always get a bit lost at UWA- but I think I found em all.

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