Saturday, June 25, 2011

Virtual Vegetation

Over at Nordan Art in Second Life Claudia22Jewell continues to make her own brand of vegetation, now becoming as instantly recognizable as other great virtual plant pioneers like Soror Nishi. The annex at Nordan has become a hothouse of fecund plant life both threatening and friendly at the same time. The build works exceptionally well in the confined spaces and many levels and it’s a sensual experience making your way in and up and out again. I’m not a great fan of faces in the plant life, or is it the animal turning vegetable, but it somehow works.

Another new plant build is Soror Nishi’s small installation at the new location for Arte Libera in Second Life. I think it opens tomorrow, but Soror invited me over for a sneak preview and as usual it wasn’t disappointing. I think one of the most startling things upon landing at the installation is the realization that here is an artist who has gone from creating plants to becoming an expert in creating atmosphere. Although the visitor can play around with light settings, they are not necessary to the ‘feeling’ of the installation. I get a little tired of being asked to set my atmosphere to some convulted algorithm so the artist’s work can be viewed. Soror’s installation works on any setting.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words. I have to say I am very excited at Claudias Vegetation, it's really great to have a whole new take on flora virtua exotica and, as you say, her style is very distinctive. ... let's hope more species become discovered as the year progresses...