Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Virtual Vegetation - Treeline 2012

 What can you do with some simple drawings done by students on paper? All the drawings from my last trip to Caloundra City Private School as part of Treeline 2012 have now been scanned, and I've been experimenting with textures made from the drawings in my standalone sims and Inworldz.
 The students may or may not recognise their drawings after I've played with them in Photoshop and applied them to 3D objects, resized and recoloured them.

 I'll be visiting the school again next week and we'll be working together to develop more plant and terrain textures for the stand alone sims.

I've also been using some of the students' textures in the build I am doing in Inworldz in Imagination sim, kindly donated by art patron Jeri Rahja. This will allow the students' work to be part of a lasting build that is seen by a worldwide audience.

I'm looking forward to showing the students what's possible using simple drawings and a bit of technology, and how I turned their drawings into virtual vegetation.


  1. I am so thrilled at what is happening at Imaginations - so happy that many wonderful things are happening there. I go there almost every day - to see all the changes - and I must says the Sim is beautiful. Thank you - Jeri Rahja