Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Delightful Interactive Forest

Treeline 2012 is still happening over the next month but I'm already turning towards thinking about Floating Land next year and Treeline 2014. There's lots to inspire, lots to learn and many things I want to experiment with. I'll be posting some of the more inspirational things I find on this blog. Maybe that's just my way of keeping a diary, but I hope you enjoy them too.
I am interested in blending old and new media and real and unreal envrinments. The wonderful interactive piece called Night Bright (below) was created by Theo Watson for Bumble children's cafe in Los Altos, California. Knee Deep is another of Watson's interactive works, created in collaboration with Emily Gobeille of zany parade
Watching some of the videos of Watson's work I am encouraged to think that some of the immersive experiences I thought were confined to virtual worlds might be possible in a different context. I guess, at this stage, only children are unhinhibted enough to fully immerse themselves in the intereactive experience in a public place, but what if we had this sort of experience in the privacy of our own homes. Kinect comes close, but ...........

Knee Deep - Cinekid 2009 from Theo Watson on Vimeo.

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