Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Virtual Treeline Site in Second Life

Virtual Treeline now has a temporary home in Second Life. Next year the project will move to a full sim, but for the moment home is a parcel in Lie.

In keeping with the Sunshine Coast landscape, Treeline's first build incorporates a lot of sand and sea (with some peeking Pandanus palms). The 'office' is definitely for those who enjoy an outdoors lifestyle, but of course there's a shade sail so you won't get burnt if you sit and chat a while.

Initially, the Virtual Treeline site will feature the work of artists from around the world who are using virtual space as a place to create trees or projects relating to the objectives of the Treeline project.

The first work to be featured is 'The Chemist's Tree' by British artist Soror Nishi. Soror is one of the best known and most innovative creators of virtual trees. The subtitle of the work says it is 'an education in itself'. What do you think that means?

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