Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Alizarin Goldflake - Virtual Treeline Artist

Alizarin Goldflake is showing some of her digital drawings at the Virtual Treeline Sky Gallery as part of the opening show.
Alizarin is one of those artists whose work doesn't jump up and grab you by the throat, it is more likely to stealthily steal into your heart and stay with you as a pleasant echo for a long time. I have been a fan for a long time and have watched her become one of Second Life's most respected and sought after artists.

The amazing thing about much of Alizarin's work is that it is not photography that has been manipulated. The haunting, grainy look of her images comes from the way she painstakingly builds them through drawing directly onto a graphics tablet. Once we know this the nature of her skill and dedication becomes apparent and the understanding that she is creating something truly unique.

Also at the Sky Gallery is one of Alizarin's small personal immersive environments. They always remind me of a snow globe- a magical and unexpected treat when you walk inside and the world is transformed.

These 3D environments are made up from painstaking manipulation of Alizarin's digital drawings so they fit seamlessly and wonderfully onto the 3D object and create the illusion of being in a place.

Most of Alizarin's work is about natural places. She says, about the trees in her work:
"I have been a landscape artist all of my life. Mostly I paint and draw the "thin places," the spots where the spirit world touches the ordinary world. Trees are always present in the thin places; in fact I think they create them. Apart from the foundation of the planet, the earth, air, and water, trees are the most beautiful things in the world. They create a sense of peace, richness, shelter, shade, mystery. They are the architects of mood. What could marry the spiritual plane to the concrete better than an entity that makes food out of sunlight?"


  1. At last I found some time to go and visit the Virtual Treeline Gallery with the due calm it deserves. It's beatiful. Beautiful the space sorrounding it and wonderful the works of the different exhibitions. All of them are oustanding, but I particularly liked Alizarin Goldflake works (both the photos and the installation).