Monday, January 4, 2010

Soror Nishi at Pirats

One of my favourite maker of trees, Soror Nishi, is currently showing a small environment at Pirats.
Soror's work is always full of colour, with beautiful hand-drawn textures and a great sense of style and design. She is one of the few talented virtual plant and landscape makers who have not been beguiled by the desire to recreate. Instead, Soror's landscapes and ecosystems are always refreshingly and surprisingly NOT attempting to be the real world. They are some other reality, and yet we are instantly at home, not wondering why that tree has square white foliage, or an orange trunk, just knowing this is a place we want to be. Such is the nature of our recognition of the visual message, and Soror's skill in creating an entirely fictitious but entirely believable environment.

I've blogged before about Soror's work now on show at Virtual Treeline, so if you have enjoyed that don't miss this work at Pirats.
As is often the case in Second Life galleries, it is difficult to get a clear shot of Soror's installation without the imposition of some other work or architecture, but there are more images on the Virtual Treeline Flickr site.

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