Friday, April 23, 2010

Treeline V - Opening

The last of the in-world artist exhibitions opened at our Virtual Treeline site in Second Life today. It's a brilliant show featuring Scottius Polke, Fuschia Nightfire, Araminta Kroitschov, Marcus Inkpen, Sharni Azalee and Jadyn Firehawk.

At ground level Marcus Inkpen's giant tree towers over the landscape. It provided the perfect backdrop for the lovely Miso Susanowa.

Up in the sky gallery the guests crowded around Scottius Polke's trees with amazing poses by Alexx Fernstalker (above). I think Marcus might have decided to live in Scotti's tree.

Fuschia Nightfire's winning work from UWA is on show, along with sculptural and 2D works depicting other sculptural works. (Are you confused?)

RAG Randt waitied patiently for a RAG doll to appear in Sharni Azalee's hammock, but she must have been washing her hair today.

Araminta Kroitschov's new funky piece was enjoyed by an equally funky avatar, Spiral Silverspar

Sharni Azalee's beautiful work from UWA was admired by fellow artist Sheba Blitz.

And Jadyn's Van Gough dress was set off perfectly by Melchizedek Blavvelt's avatar full of eyes(and who wouldn't need a lot of eyes to take in that dress?)

The next Virtual Treeline exhibition will be in real life at Noosa Gallery, Queensland, Australia in May. In the meantime I will be blogging about each of these artists separately and talking about their work over the next few weeks.
Don't miss this brilliant show.

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