Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Treeline V - Sharni Azalee

I first saw Sharni's work when she entered the UWA Art Challenge, and was immediately impressed with the quality of her texturing and attention to detail. Her work 'Forest of Dreams' which is a feature piece in this last exhibition at Treeline in Second Life represents to Sharni a space where she escapes, to create and forget the troubles of the world. She says she has always been immersed in creativity, with a mother who was an artist and many exceptionally talented friends, however it was not until she found Second Life that she found a medium that allows her to express my feelings and thoughts.
'Forest of Dreams' has an almost luminous, stained glass quality to the textures, whilst at the same time being reminiscent of textile. That doesn't seem quite possible, but it is.
Sharni is from Western Australia and the piece is influenced by native plants such as the boab tree, callistemon, and pincushion hakea, all very distinctly Australian plants.
Sharni's wish is that you may you find love and peace in your own Forest of Dreams

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