Thursday, February 11, 2010

Taking the Virtual to the Real World

Sometimes strange connections come about through this Virtual Treeline Project.
It was a surreal experience for me to talk with Year 12 (senior year high school) students at Pacific Lutheran College in Caloundra (Queensland, Australia)today about virtual worlds and the Virtual Treeline project. Used to sitting at my computer being in charge of a virtual world, there I was, showing a very static Powerpoint presentation on a makeshift calico screen trying explain the delights of virtual world art to a group of very real students who didn't need an animation over-rider to control their movements or a keyboard to communicate their thoughts. Great to see the real world still exists.
(Picture shows students with a projected image of Soror Nishi's Tagliatelle eco car.)

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  1. Funny, isn't it, because altho you know that you have international reach with what you make, it's quite shocking to actually see it happening. Wonderful.