Friday, February 5, 2010

Treeline Artist - Araminta Kroitschov

Araminta Kroitschov is a photographer with a difference. She takes her 2D photographic images off the wall and uses the tools Second Life has to offer to make compelling and visually beautiful installation pieces. She enjoys experimenting with a way of creating work that is easier to manipulate than work that is bound by the physics of the real world. She says it is exciting to realize an artistic vision when it doesn't conform to the realities of gravity, mass, finances, and space.

Araminta's work also reflects her deep commitment to the natural environment and conservation values. The Forest installation in this exhibition uses images gathered in Kentucky at Wolf Pen Branch Mill Farm (part of the River Fields conservation easement) and a Bernheim
and reflects Araminta's long term secret desire to become lost in the deep woods at night.

Araminta says about her work:
The ways we have distanced ourselves from nature is truly heartbreaking. We all now live in our shoebox cages and most of us visit nature only when we need “sport” or “recreation”. As urban sprawl encroaches on more and more wild lands these magical spaces are disappearing at an alarming rate. We are so fearful of the woods and the wild beasts that roam that we have insulated ourselves in subdivisions and strip malls..... I believe that this disconnection to our wild lands is one of the most devastating signs of how unhealthy our planet has become.Through this work, I hope that people will realize that the woods are a treasure, a place of magic and beauty, and essential to our success as a species.

In real life Araminta is artist Mary Yates. Her project Vivid Black can be found

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