Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tree Wanderings

I dropped into Angel of the Mysts Gallery to see littleone Aries show The Ceremony Trees. The colours and textures in her well crafted paintings resonate with the luxurient light and colours of her living environment on a hilltop looking over the rainforest in Peurto Rico.

littleone says:
When looking at and touching the magnificent trees that I see at treetop level from my easel I have come to understand that there is indeed a grand scheme to things. Nature has become my bible, my handbook on how to live my life. it tells me to understand respect and support the connections that bind all together.

Via Koinup's list of favourite places I also happened upon Lemondrops Forest and the adjacent Photon Pink's Castle. The build seems to have been put together from the work of a number of builders, but the resulting whole is a delight to the senses.

Lemondrops Forest is an island taken up mostly by a giant tree, with ground and tree level landing spaces filled with colourful and interesting plants and objects. Photon's Castle is much the same - a smile raising build with nothing sinister and lot of creativity and imagination.

It's a great place to visit if you are feeling in need of a bit of a lift for the sense on a dull day.

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